Healthy Lifestyle Tips :Our common sense dictates that the best diet is based on food.We are eating the longest in terms of this planet.Studies shows that the best diet is made up of fruits, vegetables, nuts and dry food as well as sea food like fish meat and eggs. and this diet is best for weight control and improvement in risk for illness such as heart attack and diabetics.This food philosophy will enable you to follow this healthy food choices quickly and confidently.

 Healthy Lifestyle Tips


Water is the compulsory thing without which the health tips are not complete.As water is a necessary for a healthy diet.Our two-thirds of the body is working on the base of water.We should drink that much water which meet our requirement .A question comes that how we can get to know that we are full filling our water requirement or not.So it can be checked by the color of urine.If your urine color is a pale yellow throughout the day then you are taking the proper amount of water.


Our eating habit in our fast paced world is going worst day by day.Eating mindfully doesn’t means that eating proper food proper diet no it means that eating food slowly chewing it properly is very important health tip.This all assists our digestive system

 Healthy Lifestyle Tips  Healthy Lifestyle Tips

40 Healthy Lifestyle Tips:

These healthy tips are authorized by the doctors and is guaranteed by the publisher that you just follow these tips you will see change soon.

1.Drink more water.

2.Get enough sleep.


4.Proper exercise.

5. the exercise which you enjoy.

6.Work out on different parts of your body.

7.Eat more foods.

8.Eat more vegetables.

9.Pick bright colored foods:Fruits and vegetables with bright colors are working as anti virus as they remove some bad enzymes from our body.

10.Don’t eat processed foods:Processed foods are not good as most nutrients are lost while adding preservatives.

 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

11.Love yourself.

12.Walking and Running of foot.

13.Kick negative people from your life.

14.Kick negativity from yourself.

15.Kick out unhappy thoughts.

16.Avoid sugared food like pastries.

17.Breathe deeply.

18.Don’t eat unnecessary.

19.Eat small meals.

20.Stop eating when you feel full.

21.Go for brown carbs.

22.Live a life with purpose.

23.Say no to oily food.

24.Cut out sugary foods.

25.Go organic.

26.Keep your body in posture position.

27.Cut out soda.

28.Don’t drink alcohol.

29.Prepare your meals.

30.Learn to say no to unnecessary foods.

31.Carry a water bottle when you go out.

32.Eat salads more and more.

33.Go for lo calorie.

34.Stop eating fat items.

35.Stop smoking.

36.Avoid passive smoking: which means second end smoking.

37.Have healthy snacks.

38.Drink fruits and vegetables juices.

39.Take a vegetarian diet.

40.Exercise good dental hygiene.

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