Being pregnant is one of the blessings of God. Conceiving a child is difficult and yet patience wrenching task for couples. But when you see the two amazingly life changing strips on the test, the meaning of your life changes right away. You burst into multitude emotions in that very moment. While visiting the midwife or gynecologist, the two very important questions asked are: how far along I am? How big is my baby?

We know that a positive pregnancy test at home is just for your own satisfaction. In order to know how far along you are. You need to have a verified medical test that you can show your doctor for further proceeding. Home pregnancy tests indicate level of a certain hormone and sometimes show false result too. Right after the verification from the doctor you can further proceed to an ultra sound. Ultra sound answers some of the questions about your unborn child in additional stages like:

  1. Is the pregnancy located in the uterus or in the tube?
  2. An approximation of how far along you are.
  3. Am I seeing what Iexpect to see in a healthy normal early pregnancy?

Calculating how far along you are?

There is a simple mathematics behind calculating how far along you are. Forestimating due date, there are several calculators over the internet that rely upon date of the first day of your very last periods. That is considered day first of week one. When you test your pregnancy you are already four weeks along because as we know when a women misses her period even after a day she should conduct the home pregnancy test in order to make sure reason behind missed period is pregnancy or not,

Average duration of pregnancy is 40 weeks. Though, from 37 to 42 weeks, pregnancy is considered full term. If the women do not give birth, the doctor induces labor on pregnant ladies after this period.

When you finally figure out the date of baby’s birth remember one thing, the date is just an estimation most of the babies either are born before due date or after it. Only 3-5% of babies are born on time.

What if I forgot the date of my period?

How far along am I
How far along am I

Do not worry, if you forgot the date of your periods, the doctor in this case most likely offer an ultrasound to see how many weeks are you pregnant. Ultra sound is used for an early pregnancy. The reason behind it is the baby is too small to be seen through your abdomen. Gestational sac appears in Bely after six weeks. In the ultrasound doctor might help you in feeling the heartbeat of your baby.

How big is your baby during pregnancy?

How far along am I
How far along am I

Here is a week by week approximation of your unborn child:

  • From week 1 to 3 baby almost grows to size of seeds
  • From week 3-6 the baby almost grow up to a size of pomegranate seed
  • From week 3-9 the baby is now as long as a cherry.
  • From week 9-12 the baby is of 3 inches and is almost the size and weight of a passion fruit.
  • From week 12-15 the baby is almost a size of an apple. The brain develops and starts functioning
  • From week 15-18 the baby has grown to a size of sweet potato. The finger prints develop at this point
  • From week 18 -21 baby is as long as a carrot and his senses get stabilized at this point of pregnancy
  • From week 21-24 the baby is of a length of corn
  • From week 24-27 the baby comes to a size of cauliflower. The baby can distinguish the voices
  • From 27-30 weeks the baby is similar to size of a large cabbage. The sleeping pattern develops at this point
  • From week 30-33 the baby is of a size of pineapple
  • From week 33-36 the baby is similar to the size of a canary melon
  • From week 36-40 the weighs similar to a water melon and can come out any time to surprise you after 40 weeks.

How do I know how many weeks pregnant I am?

How far along am I
How far along am I

If you are wondering how many weeks old am I? as I talked about it earlier in this article start calculating from day 1st of your last period and add 40 weeks into now you are wondering why we don’t calculate from the moment I conceived. The answer is because the pregnancy journey begins right after you ovulate and that egg gets fertilized. This means when you are 4 weeks along your baby’s age is two weeks in the making. Here is the best pregnancy week calculator by due date. . This calculator is by far the best calculator to calculate the week you are on during pregnancy.

How many months in pregnancy?

How far along am I
How far along am I

How many months pregnant am I? If that is your question then read carefully. There are 280 days, 40 weeks, 3 trimester and 9 months included in your pregnancy duration. Each trimester contain 13-14 weeks. Note while mentioning the month or week of pregnancy always consider on thing, always mention the week along with the days you have spent over that week. For example you are y weeks pregnant but you are in y+1 week of pregnancy. This is how you calculate how far along you are


How far along am I
How far along am I

Seeing those two strips on the pregnancy test change the whole meaning of your life. Women usually rush to clinics after home pregnancy test. The very first question you should ask your doctor is how far along am I? So, for answering this query your doctor asks you to tell about the first date of your last period. Even if you forget about it, the doctor conduct an ultra sound for due date approximation. Always keep in mind, most of the time babies do not arrive on due date.