What is Hypnosis

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a term that is referred to a particular state, if human consciousness where one tends to have low awareness of their surroundings. The person in this state has an enhanced ability to respond to suggestions. Contrary to what others say, hypnosis is not a mind controlling activity neither it involves any mystical powers. The person involves in hypnosis goes to a trance state of mind. This article has a simple answer to the question how to hypnotize in an easy language.

how to hypnotize
how to hypnotize


  1. Can anyone be hypnotized?
  2. How to hypnotize instantly?
  3. How to hypnotize yourself?
  4. How to hypnotize to love you?
  5. How to hypnotize someone with your eyes?
  6. How to hypnotize without them knowing?
  7. Conclusion

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Like every human being’s individuality, our brain differs from each other. Not all brains can be hypnotized easily. Brain of people who get easily hypnotized differs from the ones who do not easily get hypnotized. Usually people who do not get hypnotized easily have a rigid personality, they have urge to control everything around them and by being hypnotized they think they might give up control over everything. In reality, hypnosis is not about giving up control over your body or mind. When a person is hypnotized their mind is deeply relaxed, the mind is not in unconscious state rather the brain is in deeply relaxation mode.

How to hypnotize instantly:

Even if you believe it or not? You can hypnotize a person instantly. For this, a person should not necessarily be powerful rather they should know the hypnosis techniques well. Make sure that the person being hypnotized gives you permission to do so. Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is used from centuries to heal a patient from trauma, stress, insomnia and different forms of phobias. They hypnotic state can be terminated any minute if the person being hypnotized wishes to. Here is a simple method to hypnotize someone instantly.

  • Sit in front of the person to be hypnotized
  • Take their hand in yours and start eye contacting
  • Count from 1-3 and instruct the person to press your hand instantly.
  • Once the act has been started instruct the person to press your hand a bit harder
  • With the help of your other hand close down the persons eyes. During this keep saying to person “you are very tired, it is so late, your eyes are getting droopy and sleepy. Go to sleep!”

Always practice a lot before you hypnotize someone instantly.

How to hypnotize yourself?

Self-hypnosis is not a difficult thing if you constantly keep practicing it. Hypnosis apart from sleep brings up a hyper aware state of mind in person. Self-hypnosis brings out confidence in yourself, boosts your morals to achieve incentives in your life and also helps in dealing stress, traumas and anxiety. Here is how you do it:

  • Lie down
  • Keep staring the ceiling
  • With every inhale chant sleep and with every exhale chant deep sleep
  • Slowly close your eyes
  • Start counting in order to deepen the hypnotic state
  • Do the counting method to program the hypnosis and command yourself for whatever reason you are doing self-hypnosis.

How to hypnotize to love you?

As funny as it sound. You can actually hypnotize someone in loving you. First of all, you should be able to do self-hypnosis. Here is how you do it

  • Approach the person you want to hypnotize and you shouldn’t be afraid to approach them
  • Gaze into their eyes
  • Use a soft low voice
  • Your body language counts the most.
  • Keep staring the other person as staring works a lot in hypnosis.


How to hypnotize someone with your eyes:

Hypnosis using your eyes is a very common practice these days. As we all knows eyes are the gateway to soul and hypnotizing with eyes is really easy. Here is how you do it:

  • You should have an eye focusing practice before hypnotizing someone
  • Take the permission of a person willing to get hypnotized
  • Let the person sit in an upright position and make sure they are comfortable
  • Ask the person to focus on a point under your right eye and ask them not to look away
  • Stare without blinking towards them
  • Tell the person as you touch their shoulder they will get lumpy
  • Ask the person to relax and loose up a bit
  • Ask them to follow your voice.
  • Test the hypnotic state by commanding them to touch their nose or ear.

How to hypnotize without them knowing?

Have you ever read a book and found yourself very indulged in the book. You find yourself so involved in the book that nothing else matters. You enjoy each and every thing you acquire from the book. Hypnotizing someone without even telling them gives them the same feeling. Here is how you do it:

  • Eye contact: make sure that you keep a healthy eye contact with the person.
  • Set up mood: make sure other person is in relaxed mood
  • Imitation: be a reflection of other person’s personality. Do what the other person like and be as they want you to be. This way the other person can get hypnotized without them knowing
  • Show affection, locality, love and warmth to the other person
  • Show optimism: Optimistic words help driving the person toward hypnotic state very fast
  • Maintain the right attitude with the other person: Make sure that your attitude should be helpful to other person from day first. Right attitude makes you nothing but a magnet for the hypnosis procedure


How to hypnotize? It is a curious question almost everyone ask these days.Hypnosis is a way to heal you from many mental illnesses. Anxiety, phobias, depression everything can be healed with hypnosis. This article guides you in different forms of hypnosis. From making someone to fall in love you to sell-hypnosis.



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