Have you Ever Wondered When Do you Ovulate?

Ovulation is the releasing of egg from ovaries to uterus in human females. Egg and sperm fertilizes and makes a baby. The question to ask now is How do you ovulate and When do you ovulate? It is a part of menstrual cycle in females. A mature ovarian follicle releases an egg, the egg travels down to the fallopian tube and in order to get fertilized met a fallopian tube.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is menstrual cycle
  2. What is ovulation
  3. When do you ovulate after period?
  4. How long does ovulation last?
  5. What day of the month do you ovulate?
  6. Ovulating symptoms
  7. How long does it take from ovulation to conception?
  8. When do you ovulate after giving birth?
  9. Conclusion
When do you ovulate
When do you ovulate

What is menstrual cycle?

First day of menstruation is the first day of your periods. A women typically menstruate from 4 to 8 days typically. Some women might notice that the initial days of periods are more painful than the other days, because hormones release in those days shed the lining formed in the previous menstrual cycle.

What is ovulation?

On day one of the cycle FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is secreted by the pituitary gland in our brain. This gland stimulates the maturation of eggs in ovary. FSH helps stimulation the follicles in developing and producing estrogen. Amount of estrogen increases with the days of cycle. When the follicle becomes enlarge and dominant the estrogen level rises and produce more estrogen and a sperm friendly mucus, it also thickens the lining of uterus.

When do you ovulate after period?

When do you ovulate
When do you ovulate

This is the frequently asked question by women whom are trying to conceive. Mark out the average length of your menstrual cycle. Day one is the first day of menstrual cycle and last day is the day before next menstrual cycle begins. Ovulation occurs two weeks before the next menstrual cycle begins. So, if your next menstruation period is 28 days your probable day of ovulation is day 14. For those women who ask what is the time of ovulation? It is probably day 14 in 28 days cycle for you.

How long does ovulation last?

Ovulation typically last for 12 to 48 hours. But, a women remain fertile for next 7-8 days. According to some researchers a women can also remain for 11 days depending on her health condition. The reason behind is that a sperm remain alive n fallopian tube for five days. So, it pretty much answer to the question how long do you ovulate?
What day of the month do you ovulate?
Ovulation usually occurs 12 and 14 Days before your period’s starts. For example you have a 28 days cycle. The first day of you period is day 1 and ovulation occurs on 15th or 16th day.

Ovulating symptoms:

Ever wonder what does it feel like when you are ovulating? Following are some symptoms:
Mild cramping and paint at one side of the pelvic region
Mild spotting
Tender sensation in breast
Bloating at abdominal region
Heightened libido
Egg white like cervical mucous
Headache and migraine

How long does it take from ovulation to conception?

People who are trying to conceive a child will touch any heights in order to increase the chances of conceiving. As we know ovulation occurs before 2 weeks in a women’s periods. Egg survive within 24 hours after it has been matured in fallopian tube. In few women the egg has an ability to survive up to 3 or 4 days in the fallopian tube after the ovulation. This increases the chance of conception to 100% but this is a rare scenario. The excellent chance of conception is when a sperm meets the egg immediately after the ovulation.

When do you ovulate after giving birth?

Right after the birth of your baby, the blood discharge is slightly bright in color. That blood loss is also heavier than the usual periods you receive. The blood loss decreases within next week of your period and also the color changes. For women who do not breast feed their babies, their periods arrive within 10 weeks after birth of their baby. Breastfeeding postpones the ovulation and menstruation period by 20 weeks or even more in some cases. Every women on this planet has different level of hormones flowing in their body.

When do you ovulate
When do you ovulate

So, one cannot presume the occurrence of periods after baby to be the same. Some women gets periods right after a month of child birth. Some women do not get period even after 12 weeks after the birth of their child. The first period is irregular than the normal ones. Women do not usually ovulate for six weeks prior to the birth of their child. Ovulation is suppressed in the bodies of women who breastfeed because as a child gets breastfeed a hormone known as prolactin is produced in the body. Prolactin is also secreted by the pituitary gland, this hormone stops women from ovulating. Some women do not start ovulating until they breast feed their babies. The lesser feed your baby gets the more chances of you ovulating occurs. So, breastfeeding acts as good way of contraception with only 2% chance of failure. If any women is eager to find out if she is ovulating during breast feed see the changes in cervical mucus and let her gynecologist know.


Ovulation is the time when one of the follicles in ovary is enlarged and produces an egg. The egg is then pushed down to the fallopian tube and further it is fertilized by a sperm. Ovulation occurs 14 days before the next period arrives. Ovulation show symptoms like bloating, cramping and nausea etc. ovulation helps women big time in conceiving the baby and may delay after birth for some weeks. This article is a detailed answer to the question when do you ovulate?